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Student list 2010-2012
Student list for the academic year 2010-2012 with the registration ID provide by NCTE
Student list 2011-2013
Student list for the academic year 2011-2013 with the registration ID provide by NCTE
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Baluchar Primary Teachers Traning Institute has been playing perfect role since its inception in the field of Primary Teachers Education. Enlightened, Emancipated and empowered teachers lead communities and nations in their march towards better and higher quality of life. They reveal and elaborate the secrets of attaining higher value in life and nurture empathy for the fellow beings. And so we have tried our best to estiblished this seat of learning in the year 2004. It is situated at Goljarbag, P.o- Jiaganj, Dist- Murshidabad in West Bengal. This Institution is just 2 km away from both the railway Station Jiaganj and Ajimganj. This Institution has duly been recognised by West Bengal Board of Primary Education, on autonomous statutory body establishedunder the West Bengal Primary Education Act 1973.

This Institution is run under the proper guidence of a renowned society in the style of S.S.A.P.S.S.E.S.J (Sri Sri Acharya Padma Sangare Suri Educational Society of Jiaganj) which has duly being registered under the society registration Act vide no- S/11/17026 of 2003-04 in order to assist financially.